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Our Story

“Where do clothes go when we no longer need them?”

This is the question that started it all.And Mera Tierra is our attempt at answering this question.It is the result of a gruelling quest we embarked on to create a fashion brand that is truly sustainable, instead of one that is simply greenwashing. We understand that being sustainable has as much to do with grassroots action as it does with global policy.

It’s what inspired us to create a brand that is an accessible alternative to the fast fashion currently destroying our planet. A brand that is the manifestation of our love for our planet, our people and our products.

We are young and bold and committed to crafting high-quality, sustainable, and biodegradable garments. We employ the highest ethical practices to create long-lasting pieces while keeping a close eye on fashion trends so that you not only look good, but also feel good.

Our name is an homage to our Indo-Spanish roots and embodies our core philosophy perfectly. It literally translates to ‘My Earth’.
मेरा = My in Hindi | Tierra = Earth in Spanish.

Our mixed heritage helps us bring together the best of local resources with a global outlook towards fashion. It allows us to seamlessly marry tradition with innovation and classic with contemporary to craft one-of-a-kind pieces.

Minimalists at heart, our design philosophy is driven by the idea that ‘less is more’.
We value simplicity and have worked hard to keep our customers and their needs at the forefront of our minds.


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